December 12, 2018, 8:27

The Progress is Coming! Can Sex Robots Have Orgasms?

The Progress is Coming! Can Sex Robots Have Orgasms?

Sex robots are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and one cyber visionary even claims that the machines will one day become capable of having orgasms and giving birth.

The evolution of sexbots continues and they are on track to become fully-fledged cyborgs that possess artificial intelligence and can even react to their partners’ actions.

Sergi Santos, the developer of one of the most advanced AI-controlled sexbots in the world, Samantha, even claimed that his creation will possess a moral code and, instead of simply being able to fake orgasms, will respond more enthusiastically to a nicer person.

Sergi Santos’ sex robots

Robotics expert and Robot Wars judge Noel Sharkey, however, remained skeptical about Santos’ claims, stating that it is “a clear case of ambition over achievement, but it is quite interesting nonetheless,” according to Daily Star.

Sergi Santos’ sex robots

“I think this is nonsense – quite apart from the deeply questionable morality of sex robots, there is no way that any robot, let alone a sex robot, can make judgements about the intentions of humans,” University of West England robotics professor Alan Winfield added.

Sergi Santos’ sex robots

Earlier Santos also claimed that one day robots will even be able to give birth, though so far it remains to be seen if this vision of his will come true or what kind of offspring a union of man and machine might produce.


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