October 21, 2018, 12:50

Alexis Sanchez’s missed drugs test has happened to me before, reveals Danny Higginbotham

Alexis Sanchez’s missed drugs test has happened to me before, reveals Danny Higginbotham

Danny Higginbotham recounts the time he missed a drugs test as Alexis Sanchez has done

Former Premier League player Danny Higginbotham has revealed how drugs testing works in football and recalled the time he missed a drugs test.

It comes after Arsene Wenger confirmed Alexis Sanchez skipped a drugs test on the day he moved to Manchester United.

Arsenal have not yet been contacted by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) or the FA over any subsequent sanctions after anti-doping authorities were unable to locate the player on the day he finalised his transfer from Arsenal to United.

Higginbotham said on Sky Sports News’ Premier League Daily: “On a scheduled training day and you were in, obviously it wasn’t a problem.

“If it was a day when you were off, you didn’t have to report anything and you didn’t have to send text messages.

“You have three strikes and then the problems start to occur and then you can get into big trouble.

“I got a strike because, what’s supposed to happen is, is that if it’s a training day and you’re not there, you’re supposed to give a three-hour window of where you’re going to be in the next three hours.

“My wife was in labour with my second youngest and I gave a two-hour window. And because I only gave that, they saw the text and I got a strike for that, so it’s something as silly as that can actually work against you.

“I then got in touch with them to explain the situation but it was still considered [a strike] because I didn’t put three hours and put just a two-hour window even though I gave the address of the hospital where I was going to be.

“If it’s a normal training day and you are off that’s when you have to send a text. If it’s a day when it’s a scheduled day off, you don’t have to worry about it but it just goes to show how little things like that can actually work into bigger things.”

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