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How Tiger Woods fared in his first PGA Tour round for a year at Torrey Pines

How Tiger Woods fared in his first PGA Tour round for a year at Torrey Pines

All eyes were on Tiger Woods as he made his long-awaited return to full-field PGA Tour action at the Farmers Insurance Open, but how did he play on day one?

Woods, an eight-time champion at Torrey Pines, made a nervy start on the South Course but managed to return a creditable level-par 72 as he mixed three birdies with three bogeys.

Here’s how his first tournament round for a year went …

Hole 1

Pulled drive into rough, second plugged in front-right bunker, splashed out to 12 feet but the par putt missed right. BOGEY

Hole 2

Drilled three-wood down the middle but second (134 to pin) took a hard bounce and went through the green. Tricky pitch from rough to four feet, good putt to save PAR.

Hole 3

Towering seven-iron (192-yard par-3), middle of the green, 25 feet from cup. Putt veers just right of the hole, solid PAR.

Hole 4

Drive catches the left edge of the fairway, awkward second with ball above the feet, seems to catch it a little heavy and hits the green, but 45 feet short. Birdie putt left, but rattles in four-footer for PAR.

Hole 5

Another drive tugged left and it lands in the fairway bunker. Second finds more sand front-right of the green. Splash-out rolls 12 feet past the pin, putt for par breaks too far right. BOGEY.

Hole 6

Good drive down the right, second (big four-iron) finds front of the green, 50 feet from pin. Huge eagle putt pulls up inches short, tap-in for BIRDIE.

Hole 7

Best drive so far, 320 yards down the middle. But poor nine-iron from under 150 yards, shoved into front-right bunker. Nice escape to three feet saves PAR.

Hole 8

Tee shot to par-three catches the left rough, but a cracking pitch looks likely to find the hole before it runs out of pace. PAR.

Hole 9

Big drive down the middle, goes for green in two from 290 yards but pulls fairway metal into cluster of bunkers on the left. Cannot get within 20 feet with splash-out from distance, birdie putt wide right. PAR.

Hole 10

Drive dribbles into right fringe, but a superb wedge (132 yards) to within two feet sets up another BIRDIE.

Hole 11

Safe tee shot finds the green, pin-high, 25 feet to the right of the flag, and a safe two-putt for PAR.

Hole 12

Dropped his driver on follow-through, but not sure why as he finds the fairway … 316 yards away! Blocks his second from 190 yards, almost 50 feet right of the pin, but it’s on the green. Nice lag putt to a few inches, easy PAR.

Hole 13

Worst drive of the day, sliced way right into the gallery – so far right it misses the bunker and almost ends up on the cart path. Lays up to 100-yard range, but bad wedge finds the front bunker. Splashes out to three feet, but par putt lips out. BOGEY.

Hole 14

Back on form from the tee, finds the fairway with a big three-wood. Second from inside 150 yards again does not threaten the flag, but it’s a safe two-putt from 25 feet for PAR.

Hole 15

Corking drive, 320 yards straight down the pipe. Approach tugged a little left, but it finds the green and leaves 20 feet for birdie. Putt breaks right, but it’s another solid PAR.

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Hole 16

Almost an ace! A near-perfect six-iron from 190 yards, pitches on the front of the green and rolls a couple of inches past the hole. BIRDIE.

Hole 17

Bad three-wood off the tee, blocked into the right rough. But he manages to gouge his second over the front bunkers and onto the green, 35 feet from the hole. Tentative first putt, but he holes from three feet for PAR.

Hole 18

Went for the big drive, but pulled it left into fairway bunker to force a lay-up. Third from under 160 yards comes up short and rolls back to the bottom tier, leaving a tough, uphill birdie putt from 40 feet. Nice lag to two feet, and a tap-in for PAR.

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