March 17, 2018, 21:00

Nordavind make their first signings for the FIFA Elite Series

Nordavind make their first signings for the FIFA Elite Series

Nordavind, which is a joint venture between Norwegian football club Valerenga and local esports team BX3, has signed its first two FIFA players, who will be competing in the Gfinity Elite Series in just a few weeks. 

The organisation was announced as the final team for the expanded third season of the Elite Series, which sees FIFA come in as one of the three main games, the other two being Rocket League and Street Fighter V.

Now Nordavind is starting to build rosters for the competition, and its first entry into the world of FIFA is certainly a strong one, as they have signed Sabri “ChnewaR” Nait Slimani as team captain and Diogo Peixoto.

“It’s a great honour for me to join Nordavind. I am grateful for the opportunity and trust they place on me,” said ChnewaR.

Diogo Peixoto said: “It is a great pleasure and a great honour to join a structure such as Nordavind, representing a football club was a childhood dream for me.

“To prepare for Gfinity it’s simple, I practice and play against as many pro players as possible to raise my level of play as much as I can.

“I think we have a chance in every match this season. I saw the other players attending and there is a very high level of competition. We’re here to win everything.”

The FIFA division of the Elite Series is certainly one of the more stacked competitions, with the current world champion confirmed to be taking part.

However, Nordavind are confident their new signings will be able to put them in the running for the title.

“Like every organisation in the Elite Series we are obviously looking for high calibre players able to compete at the top European level,” said Stein Wilmann, general manager at Nordavind.

“Aside from that it was important for us to locate good leadership as a new organisation entering relatively unknown territory with FIFA, and we believe we found that in ChnewaR.

“We are optimistic despite the pretty stiff competition from several world-class players in many of the teams.

“I believe FIFA will become one of the fiercest branches of the Gfinity Elite Series in terms of raw competition.”


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