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WWE Royal Rumble: Is Brock Lesnar’s time up?

WWE Royal Rumble: Is Brock Lesnar’s time up?

Braun Strowman sent out another clear message to Kane and Brok Lesnar ahead of their triple threat match at the Royal Rumble.

Brock Lesnar makes a rare defence of his Universal title on Sunday night – but will he still be a champion by the time Raw rolls around?

Many have tried. None have succeeded. Brock Lesnar’s list of vanquished opponents is small – that tends to be the case when you’re a special attraction whose actual ring time is limited – but contains some very significant names.

Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and – in a multi-man match – Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns, to be precise. Three of the biggest hitters on Raw and the man widely regarded as the best wrestler in the world today.

Styles, Lesnar’s most recent opponent, came close at Survivor Series in November. When he locked the Calf Crusher on, the Beast looked in serious danger of losing the title he had taken from Goldberg at WrestleMania.

And yet he prevailed.

Sunday’s match provides the latest opportunity for Lesnar to stitch another name on the glorious tapestry of his now eight-month title reign.

A look back to when Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman collided for the first time ever in the Royal Rumble Match in 2016.

He is being booked and presented as the company’s grittiest and best. A legitimate monster who can throw opponents around and trade blows like a street fighter.

So, too, however is one of his opponents in this week’s match at the Royal Rumble.

Braun Strowman is at the peak of a popularity which moves upwards with every dominant Monday night performance and each shattered piece of furniture.

A hardwood announce table was the latest item to be reduced to kindling on Raw this week as it felt the force of a Strowman running powerslam,

After being fired by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman took out his frustrations the only way he knew.

So too did Lesnar, who happened to be in Strowman’s arms as the pair went crashing through the desk to conclude the final episode before the Rumble.

It was a statement that sounded loud and clear – Strowman is every bit the equal of Lesnar, at least in terms of viciousness and a reckless abandon for personal safety.

WWE has made it clear over the past few weeks that the Monster Among Men is fully capable of taking out the Beast and that a title change is a very real possibility in Philadelphia on Sunday night.

Kane is also in the mix, and could have an influence on the contest. His positioning in the match suggests he is being prepared for one last run in the spotlight. Will it come on Sunday?

Or will this be the time for Strowman’s coronation? The day the Beast’s time on the throne comes to an end?

Watch WWE Royal Rumble live on Sky Sports Box Office at midnight on Sunday night and book it online HERE.

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