August 19, 2018, 23:48

English Mother Blames Britain First Leaders for the Death of Her Child

English Mother Blames Britain First Leaders for the Death of Her Child

The leaders of a British nationalist group re-tweeted by US President Trump are on trial in the south of England facing charges of harassment and hate-speech.

A woman from Folkstone on the south coast of England has told a court that religiously motivated abuse from the right-wing organization Britain First’s leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen was a contributing factor in the death of her unborn child.

The alleged abuse was directed at her Muslim partner in the form of leaflets left in the family’s letter box as well as verbal insults which the claimant says induced stress that resulted in the failure of her pregnancy.

Both Mr. Golding and and Ms. Fransen deny the charges against them.

According to live-tweets of the court proceedings, Mr. Golding did not consider the expletive phrases attributed to Ms. Fransen to be to amount to abuse and allegedly claimed to have heard worse language in the House of Commons. He claimed to have no more control over the conduct of his organization’s members than Jeremy Corbyn has over the Labour Party

The defendants are expected to learn their fate on March 7.

Britain First gained notoriety in Britain in late 2017 when US president Donald Trump retweeted posts by Ms. Fransen.

The retweets caused public outrage around the world and intensified calls for the US president’s visit to the United Kingdom in January 2018 to be cancelled.


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