November 14, 2018, 5:13

Kazakh Guy Reaches the Grand Finale of Female Beauty Contest

Kazakh Guy Reaches the Grand Finale of Female Beauty Contest

After coming through to the finale of the Miss Virtual Kazakhstan pageant in Kazakhstan, a contestant confessed that he was not actually a woman.

Twenty-two year old Ilay Dyagilev had reportedly submitted his pictures as a woman, who he called “Arina Alieva,” to take part in the beauty contest. When the guy reached the final stretch, he made the decision to confess that he was a man. Following his announcement, his female “alter-ego” was disqualified and replaced with another participant.

“I came through to the finale and decided to expose the identity of Arina Alieva when I realized it had gone too far. At the very beginning there were around 4,000 applications from across Kazakhstan, but I got to the final,” he said.

He explained that he was an advocate of natural beauty, which many women nowadays show a lack of:

“My friends and I, we had a debate on beauty, and I decided to take part in the pageant. I’ve always been a champion of natural beauty. You can see that many young women look identically, the same make-up, the same style, and they believe that they are beautiful if they follow trends. I don’t think so.”


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