October 19, 2018, 13:51

Man Bitten by Venomous Brown Snake During Motorbike Ride

Man Bitten by Venomous Brown Snake During Motorbike Ride

A herder was bitten in the leg by a venomous brown snake, while he was mustering cattle on his motorbike, the News.com.au website reported Sunday.

The unnamed man was riding a motorbike over his property, some 50 kilometers south-west of Clermont, Central Queensland, Australia, when he rode over a two-meter long snake.

The deadly brown snake reacted immediately and bit the man in his right calf, penetrating through his pants. According to the stockman, the snake was still attached to the lower part of his leg after he had fallen from the motorbike.

He then took the snake behind its head to tear it away from his leg and throw it away from him. 

The man managed to attract the attention of nearby workers, who contacted an emergency service. The victim was brought to Clermont and then transported to Mackay Base Hospital by helicopter.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the man was in a stable condition but was suffering from severe chest pain.

Sourse: sputniknews.com

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