October 19, 2018, 9:30

Manhattan Bomber Sentenced to Life in Prison

Manhattan Bomber Sentenced to Life in Prison

NEW YORK (Sputnik) – A federal court in Manhattan sentenced Ahmad Khan Rahimi to life in prison for planting and detonating bombs in the US states of New York and New Jersey in 2016, the Justice Department said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Ahmad Khan Rahimi, aka, Ahmad Rahami, 30, of Elizabeth, New Jersey, was sentenced to life in prison for his execution and attempted execution of bombings in New York City on Sept. 17, 2016,” the statement said.

Rahimi was also ordered to pay $562,803 in restitution to the victims of his crimes, the statement added.

Inspired by the Daesh and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups, Rahimi planted and detonated several bombs in the US states of New York and New Jersey, including a pressure cooker device that exploded in the New York City neighborhood of Chelsea, wounding 30 people.

A second similar bomb, which was found a few blocks away on 27th Street, failed to detonate. Earlier the same day, a pipe bomb exploded near the start of a Marine Corps charity run in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

Prosecutors said Rahimi has shown no remorse for his crimes and has instead sought to radicalize other inmates.

At Tuesday’s sentencing, Rahimi reportedly said that he “harbors no hate for anyone” but complained that he was being discriminated against for being a Muslim.

Sourse: sputniknews.com

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