October 17, 2018, 1:25

Netanyahu’s Son Giving Lectures on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Puzzles Guides

Netanyahu’s Son Giving Lectures on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Puzzles Guides

Yair Netanyahu, a son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is said to be teaching tourists geopolitics and explaining causes behind the Middle Eastern conflict, a move that is considered controversial by local tourist firms, Haaretz reported.

Tour guides in Israel have been recently sent offers from an agency that organizes excursions to include a lecture on geopolitics into their customers’ program.

Lectures, devoted to the long-lasting conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, are being reportedly offered by the elder son of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Netanyahu, who took up the job a few weeks ago.

According to the media outlet, the news has caused controversial reactions among tour guides some of whom expressed their surprise in private messages and said that the young man lacks qualification for that position.

Commenting on the offer, one of the tour guides wrote in a private WhatsApp group, cited by Haaretz: “What qualifies him to lecture on geopolitical issues?”

The job is supposed to be the first position ever held by the 26-year-old Netanyahu who just recently studied international relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In addition, Yair Netanyahu has been involved in a number of scandals, including a video of him and his friends making misogynistic comments about women and looking for prostitutes in a state of alcoholic intoxication that was aired earlier this year by Israel’s Channel 2.

He has also been linked to the corruption scandal in which his father is a subject of a criminal investigation.

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