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Pilot of Russian Su-25 Blew Himself Up After Being Encircled by Terrorists – MoD

Pilot of Russian Su-25 Blew Himself Up After Being Encircled by Terrorists – MoD

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Maj. Filippov will be posthumously awarded the Hero of Russia, the Defense Ministry stated.

The pilot of the Su-25 bomber that had been shot down in Syria blew himself up after he was surrounded by terrorists, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“Having landed after ejecting in the vicinity of the village […] under the control of terrorists, Major Roman Filipov until the last minutes of his life conducted an unequal battle with regular weapons… After being surrounded by terrorists, while being severely wounded, the Russian officer blew himself up with a grenade, when the distance until the militants declined to several tens of meters.”

According to the Russian military, Maj. Filippov was trying to control the downed aircraft until the end and managed to report he had been attacked by a missile. “On February 3, while flying over the de-escalation zone in Idlib to monitor the ceasefire, the Russian Su-25 attack aircraft under the command of Major Roman Filipov was shot down by terrorists from MANPADS,” the ministry repeated.

The Defense Ministry announced that Maj. Filippov would be posthumously awarded the Hero of Russia.

“Major Roman Filipov brilliantly conducted dozens of combat missions in Syria to destroy the militants of international terrorist groups and escort the humanitarian convoys of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring sides to the settlements liberated from terrorists,” the ministry said.


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