November 18, 2018, 6:37

Report Warns UK Gov’t Revolving Door May Hamper Brexit

Report Warns UK Gov’t Revolving Door May Hamper Brexit

A survey by an independent UK think tank has revealed that at least 85 British ministers out of 122 are new to their posts since the 2017 general election in the country.

The Institute for Government (IFG), an independent British think tank, has claimed in a report that the current high ministerial turnover in the UK government rides roughshod over London’s push for Brexit.

“Political turbulence and ministerial turnover — particularly at junior levels — have disrupted the government’s preparations for Brexit, its ability to pass crucial legislation and its capacity to deal with urgent public service challenges”, an IFG report said.

The survey recalled that with four top ministers still remaining in the UK government since 2016, 85 ministers out of 122 are new new to their posts after the June 2017 general election in Britain.

January has already seen the replacement of every minister in the Cabinet Office and three-quarters of those in the justice ministry, in a move earlier announced by Prime Minister Theresa May.

In the Justice Department and the Work and Pensions Department, two ministers have already been replaced since May entered office in July 2016.

Brexit Secretary David Davis, Finance Secretary Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary Minister Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Amber Rudd have been unfazed by the reshuffle.

Brexit talks, which kicked off between the UK and the European Union kicked on June 19, 2017, are due to wrap up by the end of March 2019.

The talks’ first phase focused on the protection of EU citizens’ rights in the UK, the British-Irish border and London’s financial obligations to Brussels after the withdrawal. The second stage began in December and concentrates on the transition period in EU-UK ties after Brexit and future trade and security collaboration between the parties.


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