October 16, 2018, 12:36

UK Brexit Min: Certain Political Agreement Can Be Reached at March EU Council

UK Brexit Min: Certain Political Agreement Can Be Reached at March EU Council

UK Brexit Secretary David Davis has commented on the latest developments in the UK-EU talks on Brexit, stressing that the necessity to discuss regulations, that can provide clarity during the transition period.

“Our immediate goal is to reach an agreement on the implementation period,” Davis announced in a speech. “And because our objectives are largely the same, I am confident that political agreement can be reached at the March European Council.”

Commenting on the impact of the UK’s succession from the bloc, Davis stated that the existing trade deals should continue to apply during the Brexit implementation period, calling the speed an essence in the talks.

“These trade deals are by their definition mutually beneficial… it’s in the UK and EU’s interest that deals that have already been signed stand during this period,” he said, adding that 

Speaking about the development of the negotiations with Brussels, Davis underlined that both sides should not commit to undermine each other in talks, noting the necessity to discuss regulations, that can provide clarity to companies during the transition period.

“We must discuss how regulators and agencies can best provide continuity and clarity during this period in a way that benefits everyone,” he said, adding that Britain would attempt to find a way to resolve concerns around any new laws that are introduced during the implementation phase if the country has not been involved in their creation.

“We should approach the implementation period as the bridge to this new relationship. That means each side committing to not taking any action that undermines the other.”


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